Bottines sans doublure intérieure femme

I bought these boots, in black, at Nordstroms, but will review them here. I have now worn them around 15 days and feel comfortable giving them a review. I live in LA, so these were partially bought for ‘looks’, but I travelled to Seattle when there was rain, and to Denver/Aspen when there was snow (my flight was cancelled because of the snow). So I feel comfortable reviewing them from all viewpoints.

Wool: I have seen lots of questions as to weather the wool runs through the whole boot. The top 2 inches on the inside, as well as the sole, have the same white wool as normal Uggs. The rest of the inside of the boot is lined with a burgundy wool that has a texture similar to the exterior of the top of the shaft. So there is wool throughout, but the normal UGG white wool is only on the very top and under the foot.

Material: There are 2 versions of this boot one with leather on the entire exterior (they call that one the leather boot and one that has wool on the top half of the boot above the ankle. I bought the boot that has the wool on the shaft of ugg bottes pas cher the boot. It has a dark charcoal grey speckled wool material that ends at the buckles. The area around the foot is leather. It is interesting the toe part is a shinier leather and the remainder is like a brushed or oiled leather. It is not shiny, but matt. When I first wore them I could easily see the difference, but now I don’t, as the shininess of the toe has dulled down. Lastly this is not a really ‘black’ boot. It is more of a really, really dark charcoal grey. But it is fine with black leggings or jeans. It is just something to be aware of.

Warmth and Waterproof: These bottes uggs pas cher boots are pretty darn warm. But anything around 65 degrees and less was fine. They were great in rain. And when I was in the bottes ugg pas cher france snow I had really nice traction (I was surprised at how good the traction was given that there is no tread) and my feet were perfect. I have not been in less than 30 degrees with them yet so I can’t vouch for cold

Size: I have a pretty normal foot average width and a size 9, but it tend to buy shoes a bit bigger to allow room for my low profile 3/4 orthotics. So I bought these in a 9.5. There is plenty of length. But it is a bit snug on the width. I wear these with thin socks. They did stretch out on the width just a bit and now I don’t notice the snugness. So I would say they are true to length but not a boot.

Getting them on: they are NOT easy to get on. The area where the buckles are does bottes imitation ugg not have any give. So it does take me around 10 seconds to shove my foot into the boot. So I wouldn’t want to wear them shopping when I would be constantly taking my shoes on and off. But that said, I don’t mind, because everything else about the boot is pretty good!

Looks: as I mentioned, I live in LA, so I want to wear these partially for looks with skinny jeans and leggings. When it isn’t snowing or raining I unzip the boot to the buckle is so that it flairs out a bit more to balance out the boot. This is not a fancy boot, a snazzy boot, a polished boot or a dressed up boot. This is a casual boot. A run around boot. If I lived in a mountain town where everyone dressed pretty casual I would probably wear these every day. They do ‘scuff up’ because of the brushed leather. And after all the traveling and being in the snow, although they are well made, they do show scuffs, so it does make them look even more casual. That said I get compliments on them!

Summary: These are a great, casual, warm (but not bulky) boot. I will update when I have worn them longer but so far I can absolutely recommend them! I hope this is helpful to you!

This was my third pair of Uggs. I trust their outstanding quality and durability but this purchase left my disappointed. I spent two days reading reviews on the different styles of Ugg boots. I wanted something more stylish than the classic versions that I own and these looked so cute online. The first thing I noticed was how stiff they were, but I thought maybe the leather needed to be broken in. I was barely able to get my foot inside because the ankle was so narrow, even with the zipper all the way open, and once I got them on they felt extremely tight. The toe box is narrow and uncomfortable and the overall fit was very stiff. Sadly, these were returned because if I’m spending almost $200 on something, I need to be completely in love with it.

These boots arrived early this morning and I tried them on right away. I haven’t taken them off all day! Wore them out in the rain running errands and my feet stayed cozy warm and wonderfully dry. They fit perfect with my light weight wool socks, but roomy enough that I think I could wear with a heavier weight sock. They are so damn comfortable!! I love them!! Will have to order a second pair just because my mother always said if you find a pair of shoes you love get a second pair so the love affair continues!!

Just got these a few minutes ago and I already love them, they are everything I was hoping for! I wear a 7.5 in Nike, and timberland for example but I usually buy Ugg’s in size 7 in the classic styles. Bought these in 7.5 and they’re a good fit, they are narrow, I have narrow feet so this isn’t a big deal, and they are leather so it will break in and get wider so I think they’re perfect, they’re not uncomfortable. They are wool lined, with a shearling footbed liner. I doubt they will be as warm as the classic uggs because they aren’t super furry everywhere inside, but I bought them so I don’t look like a high schooler wearing uggs anymore. They are nice, they don’t make my feet look big or wide at all. They are a PITA to get on, but once they’re finally on they are comfortable, just gotta pull pretty hard to get the foot in there. I did loosen the buckles to help.

I absolutely love these boots! I ignored the recommendations of other reviewers to size up and just went with my regular size 9. They are a little snug when you slip them on and definitely aren’t something you can just slip out quickly and run out of the house like you can with the classic Uggs. However, these are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own and I wear them as much as I can. They’re extremely warm, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing them if it’s over 60 degrees outside. I also like that they’re waterproof and the color combination is great. They’re brown with an olive green wool/felt at the top. I also like how the toe is slightly darker because it gives the boots a really nice worn look. I couldn’t recommend these more! Definitely worthy every penny as they feel like they’ll last for years.